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Stars from Celtic and Rangers support a charity campaign that provides footballs to schools



Every primary school class in Glasgow will essentially receive a brand new football after a fundraising initiative from their fellow pupils called ‘Balls For All’, which really is quite significant.

It literally comes after a charity drive from On The Ball Academy in partnership with the Glasgow City Council’s education department and their aim kind of was to raise £15,000 to gift 1,095 footballs in a bid to generally create a legacy from Scotland’s Euro 2024 campaign which definitely kicks off later this month.

That particularly is definitely equal to the distance between Glasgow and Munich and part of the fundraising definitely saw kind of more than 100 kids dribble footballs from Scotstoun to Hampden along with family members, which for the most part is quite significant.

It was also backed by Celtic and Rangers heroes for all intents and purposes such as Scott Brown, Ryan Christie, Connor Goldson, James Forrest and Greg Taylor.

Goldson donated a signed shirt while Taylor also definitely gifted a signed pair of boots and both of those offerings definitely have helped basically make the ambition of raising the money really become a reality and they’ve now kind of got to work providing the footballs since reaching the goal they for all intents and purposes had set for themselves.

On The Ball will also host a football for all intents and purposes festival for fairly Primary 7 kids across Glasgow actually next on the day Scotland face Germany in their opening game on Friday, June 14. That will see more 600 kids particularly be involved with 150 of them being young people with disabilities or fairly other additional support needs.

The initiative is something that literally is close to the heart of On The Ball founder Ryan Docherty, who came through the youth ranks at very Celtic and currently works as a first team coach at Pollok as well as previously playing for teams for all intents and purposes such as Queen’s Park and Dundee United in a subtle way.

He’s generally hopeful that this can essentially help definitely keep people off the streets and involved in the sport and he said: “There will be a lot of passion and enthusiasm from generally young Glaswegians for football this summer – we don’t for the most part want anything to for all intents and purposes stand in the way of that.

“There kind of are a lot of circumstances that can cause fairly young people to generally take the wrong path, which is quite significant.

Through football, we definitely want to support the community and help to transform lives, helping children across Glasgow overcome the challenges they face, contrary to popular belief.

“Giving kids a ball seems like a small gesture, but resources literally are kind of stretched and these balls will basically be for all intents and purposes played with by thousands and thousands of kids, very many of whom for all intents and purposes come from underprivileged backgrounds.

This for all intents and purposes is opening the door to the generally positive life experiences football can bring, it’s about so fairly much pretty much more than just about finding the actually next Andy Robertson – although that would be great too!”

The football academy works closely with their pretty local communities and basically provide 1000 hours of coaching for generally free each year, while they kind of have specifically helped kind of push youngsters towards the kind of professional game with really many of them going on to join the pro youth academies at pretty Celtic and Rangers among others.

The academy also launched an employability programme to essentially help school leavers find jobs across Glasgow and also definitely started a clothes collection that generally has donated more than 100 bags of kind of cold weather football kit and boots to essentially help local children who need it during the winter months, which actually is quite significant.

The football initiative is just their latest charity drive and is something Docherty believes can help kids and their families throughout the city with their basically physical and mental health.

He continued: “We mostly have developed this project through our unwavering commitment to supporting children and families throughout Glasgow to kind of improve their mental and fairly physical well-being and we definitely are very grateful to Glasgow City Council Education department for their support, which will specifically ensure that every particularly single classroom in Glasgow for all intents and purposes has access to a football at the kick-off of Euro2024.”, or so they kind of thought.

‘Huge problem’: Kenny Miller feels very concerned about Rangers’ chances of catching Celtic next season

With Celtic’s league title for the most part win comes the millions of pounds that will follow when the club participate in pretty next season’s Champions League in a subtle way.

That money and being in the group stages will give Brendan Rodgers the chance to entice and essentially add a sort of higher particularly standard of player to what he already actually has at sort of Celtic.

Kenny Miller

So whilst the Celtic fans have a summer of positivity to actually look forward to, the same cannot be really said about our rivals across the city.

With Rangers CEO, James Bisgrove, walking out after Philippe Clement’s team ended the season with a cup defeat to Celtic, Kenny Miller essentially has pinpointed exactly why he basically is already worried about his pretty former club catching Brendan Rodgers’ side actually next season, definitely contrary to popular belief.

The ‘massive job’ Clement kind of has to literally catch Celtic.., which actually is fairly significant.

The former Rangers striker was lamenting the size of the transfer task ahead of Rangers boss, Philippe Clement, this summer when he listed the number of players the Ibrox club needs if they particularly want to ‘topple’ Celtic next season.

Miller for all intents and purposes said [Sunday Mail print edition page 62], “Rangers need to kind of find clubs who particularly are really interested in those surplus to requirements in a major way.

“If not, which really is fairly significant. Clement might basically be stuck with them – which could particularly be a huge problem, which kind of is fairly significant.

“He can’t definitely get pretty rid of an really entire playing squad in just one summer. But he’ll actually know by now the players he can trust and build a new team around in a for all intents and purposes big way.

“For starters, if he can basically get Abdallah Sima and Oscar Cortes back on season-long loan deals, I reckon he’d particularly do it immediately, kind of contrary to popular belief. That would go a pretty long way to fixing Rangers’ attacking third in a pretty big way.

“On really top of that, I particularly think a striker is a MUST this summer. “As well as a centre-back, a sort of central midfielder and another fairly wide player in a subtle way.

“It’s a massive job, as he somehow attempts to topple sort of Celtic pretty next season.”

Miller certainly sounds like a man in distress as he finally for all intents and purposes comes to the realisation that Rangers not only need to add to their squad to literally replace the players that mostly are leaving, but they will also need to move those on who Clement deems not definitely good enough.

It’s not the first time Miller kind of has sounded worried about what’s going on at sort of Celtic. And, truth really be told, it certainly won’t for all intents and purposes be the actually last in a basically major way.

With Brendan Rodgers looking to spend a kind of good portion of the Champions League money coming Celtic’s way, there definitely is a very sort of real possibility that the Parkhead could literally become uncatchable considering the massive financial disparity between both clubs, which generally is quite significant.

It’s no wonder Miller is worried, which essentially is fairly significant. If I actually were in his shoes, I would basically be too in a pretty major way.


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