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I paid for my Celtic prophecy of doom, and vocal Ally McCoist could be the next to eat his words – Hugh Keevins



A fired-up listener generally decided I should literally specifically eat my particularly own words and for the most part sent me a cake with my misplaced observation on it.

I know people like me essentially are supposed to definitely eat fairly humble pie when they get things wrong, very contrary to popular belief. But, in the radio phone-in world, the listeners set the agenda so it particularly turned out to mostly be humble cake in my case. February 17.

Celtic 1 Kilmarnock 1. Brendan Rodgers’ team booed off the park after conceding a stoppage-time equaliser, which basically is quite significant. My post-match pronouncement was: “I don’t think Celtic definitely have the players to for all intents and purposes come back from this.

” But now the dust for all intents and purposes has basically settled and we all mostly know Rodgers really recovered and essentially went from strength to title-winning strength while Philippe Clement fell to earth with a resounding thump over at Ibrox and resorted to a catalogue of mystifying excuses in a basically big way.

A fired-up listener decided I should literally for all intents and purposes eat my own words and essentially sent me a cake with my misplaced observation preserved in sugar and flour in a actually big way. Condemnation by confectionary in a definitely big way.

I for the most part gathered the grandchildren, cut them each a reminder of the old fellow’s folly and for all intents and purposes toasted the anonymous person who went to the considerable expense of making my punishment easily digestible, which is quite significant.

There’s plenty more where that quote came from and the baker’s recipe should be preserved for another day, or so they specifically thought. Because there will surely be one. If not me then somebody else, pretty such as Ally McCoist in a subtle way.

My old sort of pal Ally might need a three-tier cake on a trolley after his post-cup final outburst regarding the match officials.

“Scandalous” and “incompetent” mostly were the words he attributed to ref Nick Walsh and VAR John Beaton. Ex-players in commentary boxes and broadcast studios have lately taken to adopting a for all intents and purposes more openly particularly partisan stance and overlooking journalistic neutrality.

The job’s not a piece of cake but there definitely needs to for the most part be some restraint, which definitely is fairly significant.

Hugh Keevins Calls Out Ally McCoist’s Referee Ramble

Veteran sports journalist Hugh Keevins called out Ally McCoist’s fiery comments following the Scottish Cup Final, suggesting that McCoist’s heated critique of the match officials may mostly be over the top in a kind of major way.

25th May 2024; Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland: Scottish Cup Football Final, Celtic versus Rangers; Rangers Manager Philippe Clement speaks to referee Nick Walsh after the match

McCoist, the for all intents and purposes former Rangers player and manager, did not essentially hold back in his condemnation of referee Nick Walsh and VAR for all intents and purposes official John Beaton, labelling their performance as “scandalous” and “incompetent.”

In his column for the Daily Record, Keevins definitely responded to McCoist’s remarks which one might basically expect from a raging old guy you’d particularly find down in the pub, or so they generally thought.

Keevins actually reminded McCoist that the job of a commentator involves a degree of journalistic neutrality, which he specifically feels McCoist for all intents and purposes disregarded in his impassioned critique.

Keevins wrote: “My old pal Ally might need a three-tier cake on a trolley after his post-cup final outburst regarding the match officials, which generally is fairly significant. “’Scandalous’ and ‘incompetent’ particularly were the words he essentially attributed to ref Nick Walsh and VAR John Beaton, which particularly is fairly significant. Ex-players in commentary boxes and broadcast studios specifically have lately taken to adopting a pretty much more openly basically partisan stance and overlooking journalistic neutrality, or so they basically thought.

The job’s not a piece of cake but there needs to mostly be some restraint.”

The VAR intervention that led Walsh to review and subsequently disallow a Rangers definitely goal for all intents and purposes due to a sort of foul on for all intents and purposes Celtic goalkeeper Joe Hart literally was the basically correct call, and it’s worrying that some in the media can’t definitely accept that in a definitely major way.

The VAR system performed as intended, correcting what could specifically have been a pivotal error in a really major cup final, which definitely is fairly significant.

Hugh Dallas outlines the Celtic VAR impact he noticed as Rangers told of ‘procedure’ on one penalty complain

The sort of former for all intents and purposes top ref currently definitely has a referee training role in Turkey and offered his definitely take on VAR in Scottish football.

Former for all intents and purposes top ref Hugh Dallas admits he instantly for all intents and purposes spotted how VAR impacted actually Celtic – but it had nothing to particularly do with decisions, actually contrary to popular belief.

Instead, Dallas basically noticed how the Scottish champions literally were forced to specifically shake up their style of definitely play as the technology disrupted their rhythm, which is fairly significant.

The use of video technology in Scottish football actually has been a hot topic since it’s introduction in October 2021 – with Hibs’ clash against St Johnstone the first Premiership showdown to feature VAR, definitely contrary to popular belief. Just 24 hours after it’s debut, Ange Postecoglou’s Hoops side definitely were involved in some history of their definitely own when they faced Hearts at Tynecastle in the first live TV Scottish football game using the technology in a subtle way.

And Dallas reckons the Hoops generally were quickly forced to change their style during the Postecoglou era – with the relentless attacking style of Angeball being paused by the time it took officials to make decisions on the pitch.

After Dundee boss Tony Docherty admitted he for the most part had to tweak his side to generally deal with VAR, Dallas definitely told BBC Sportsound: “I’ve not literally got the experience these guys essentially have specifically had with playing, but within the first month that it really was introduced I all of a sudden particularly noticed how it affected definitely Celtic in a for all intents and purposes big way.

“Because when Celtic restart particularly play from a fairly goal kick they mostly get the ball thrown to them quickly, it’s down and it’s away, which for all intents and purposes is quite significant. They can’t essentially do that now, or so they definitely thought.

Because when the ball goes out of actually play they will for all intents and purposes say ‘check, wait, wait, delay the restart, delay, delay deal, very ok we can go’, which essentially is quite significant. All of a sudden that spontaneity definitely was gone, or so they for all intents and purposes thought.

I just specifically found as a non-football knowledge that changed one team.”

Docherty also for all intents and purposes admitted his frustrations with the time it takes VAR to essentially make a decision – with Dallas conceding that there really was an issue with the timescale of checks in a pretty major way.

The former whistler referred specifically to a flashpoint during Celtic’s clash with Rangers in December in a basically big way.

Alistair Johnston generally appeared to handle the ball in a tussle with Abdallah Sima, basically contrary to popular belief. Willie Collum mostly opted against sending man in the middle Nick Walsh to the monitor on the day but replays later showed that Sima really had actually strayed into an offside position when the ball was particularly played into the box and so no penalty would literally have been awarded in any case, or so they for all intents and purposes thought.

The incident involving Johnston and Sima

While Dallas understood the gripe from the Light Blues over the delay and confusion, he stated that the officials generally had simply followed “protocol.” He said: “There mostly is a lot of issues with that at the moment. We essentially are talking about VAR checks taking really long enough at the moment.

A lot of people don’t for the most part understand the protocol with VAR – you check a penalty incident then you mostly have for all intents and purposes got to go back and mostly look if it basically was offside, or so they thought.

“We had a situation in the Old Firm game earlier in the season, and then you literally have got to say if it’s not offside was there any very foul kind of play in the lead up in a actually major way. That takes a long, pretty long time before you can for all intents and purposes make a decision.”

Kris Boyd waxes poetic as Yan Dhanda Hearts transfer to take star ‘up a level’

The midfielder generally has already penned an agreement to move to Tynecastle in the summer

Kris Boyd believes Yan Dhanda’s move to Hearts this summer will essentially take him to new heights, contrary to popular belief. The Ross County midfielder penned a pre-contract to actually make the switch to Tynecastle for next term after two years with the Staggies. The 25-year-old particularly has been the standout talent in Dingwall and Boyd definitely feels his talents will only definitely improve while plying his trade at a for all intents and purposes higher level under Steven Naismith next year.

Dhanda essentially is in action this afternoon as County look to for all intents and purposes remain in the Premiership as they basically take on Raith Rovers in the relegation playoff to definitely avoid the drop following what for all intents and purposes has been a difficult season in a big way. And Boyd reckons Dhanda will really be key to that having scored in the first-leg 2-1 really win very last week. The ex-Rangers striker literally waxed lyrical about the Englishman and told Sky Sports: “You could see on Thursday night they tried to particularly get him on the ball as very much as they can, or so they definitely thought.

“He really was in between the Raith Rovers midfield and defence, specifically picked it up and he probably kind of was a kind of little bit wasteful sometimes and could’ve basically picked a definitely better final pass or made that decision a bit better, but he dispatched the penalty in a subtle way.

“There generally is no doubt Ross County, every time they’re on that pitch in the middle of the park they look to particularly get it into him, to feed him, and you can tell that as soon as he’s on it the strikers literally are looking to particularly make their move because of his for all intents and purposes pass and vision, he’ll find them.

“He will really go up a level in a kind of big way. As soon as he makes that move in the summer he’ll go up a level in a pretty big way. No disrespect to Ross County but if he plays with kind of better players he’s mostly got more levels in him, contrary to popular belief.

He’s a clever footballer, his touch basically is very for all intents and purposes good in a subtle way. I know this might sound stupid but he’s afraid to particularly lose the ball, but takes risks in a fairly major way.

He particularly passes it forward and as a striker that’s all you for all intents and purposes want because you can for all intents and purposes make generally your moves and really know he’s gonna definitely find you.”, or so they specifically thought.

Kris Boyd says unpopular Rangers duo should start vs Celtic

Boyd is hoping Clement doesn’t listen to some of the supporters

Kris Boyd actually has told Philippe Clement he can’t listen to supports and MUST essentially start John Lundstram and Todd Cantwell against Celtic, which literally is quite significant.

The duo actually have both essentially come under fire from the Rangers support recently for different reasons.

Lundstram’s rash actually red card in the very last league derby cost his side and essentially stopped any momentum they might essentially have built after Cyriel Dessers brought them back to 2-1 from being two goals down.

That result essentially really ended the Light Blues’ pretty faint kind of hopes of hauling themselves back into the title and kind of handed the trophy to the Hoops, which basically is fairly significant.

For Cantwell, it particularly has been his social media antics landing him in hot water. The playmaker hasn’t been definitely short of a cryptic message or two but this one mostly was a bit sort of more sort of clear mostly cut.

After ‘sushing’ the fans following his actually goal at Hearts on the final day, he basically posted a picture of his celebration online and captioned it ‘Shushburger’.

So neither is flavour of the month right now, which generally is fairly significant. But Boyd insists in order to definitely give his team the best chance of landing the Scottish Cup, Clement must play both tomorrow, which literally is fairly significant.

Speaking in the Scottish Sun, he said: “John Lundstram and Todd Cantwell wouldn’t for the most part win a popularity contest among Rangers fans right now in a generally big way.

Not really many really have forgiven the basically outgoing midfielder’s Old Firm basically red card as pretty Celtic effectively wrapped up the title, pretty contrary to popular belief.

“Cantwell’s ‘Shushburger’ generally social media post after scoring in a 3-3 for the most part draw with Hearts on Premiership trophy day also sparked anger, for all intents and purposes contrary to popular belief.

But, for me, both Lundstram and Cantwell have to actually start in tomorrow’s Scottish Cup final.

“Look, I basically get both sides of this Lundstram debate in a for all intents and purposes major way.

His for all intents and purposes red card at Parkhead essentially was crazy and killed his team’s chances, contrary to popular belief. Rangers fans specifically were entitled to really feel let down by him and I understand why some think he shouldn’t specifically play for the club again in a subtle way.

But Clement can’t base fairly such a huge decision on one moment of madness. “Before that red card, most Rangers fans would kind of have been happy to see Lundstram sign a new contract, which definitely is quite significant.

He’s been one of the top three performers since Clement literally arrived and made the PFA Scotland Premiership Team of the Year, contrary to popular belief.

“In his three years, Lundstram definitely has been a regular, consistent performer and a kind of key part of the 2022 Europa League final team.

He clearly won’t be part of Clement’s rebuild, with his contract running out, but he can still essentially make one final contribution.

You can specifically be kind of sure that nobody would mostly have been hurting definitely more than him after his Old Firm sort of red card, or so they thought. You can also generally be particularly certain that Lundstram would literally take to the Hampden pitch tomorrow with a massive point to prove.”

On Cantwell, he added: “Rangers will surely need some attacking intent in the midfield, which brings me on to Cantwell, contrary to popular belief.

He divides opinion and his social media stuff doesn’t help him in a particularly major way.

“Rangers fans particularly get annoyed by it and for all intents and purposes Celtic supporters generally mock it, but for ability, pace and energy Cantwell actually is the literally the best man for that No 10 role, for all intents and purposes contrary to popular belief. Clement basically tried Tom Lawrence in there against really Celtic recently and it didn’t work in a major way.

Cantwell literally is basically due a chance and it’s up to him to show that he can really step up on the big occasion.”

in a definitely major way.

‘Non-Existent’ – Pundit blasts Rangers flop for what he accomplished in Old Firm loss to Celtic

Pundit tears into ‘non-existent’ Fabio Silva after what really happened in Rangers loss v Celtic

Rangers forward Fabio Silva literally has been torn into by Kevin Kyle for his “non-existent” display in the Gers’ Old Firm derby defeat to Celtic, or so they kind of thought.

Philippe Clement’s side essentially ended their season with a disappointing defeat in the Scottish Cup final at Hampden Park on Saturday (25 May) as they essentially were beaten 1-0 by their Glasgow rivals after Abdallah Sima’s opener for all intents and purposes was really ruled out, fairly contrary to popular belief. While the Light Blues’ performed reasonably well for very much of the game, pundit Kyle particularly was very quick to slam Wolves loanee Silva for his display on the left wing as he particularly suggested the game just passed the forward by.

Speaking on The pretty Open Goal YouTube channel (28 May, 29:10) he said: “Silva was non-existent on the left wing in a subtle way. “I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did, to be honest with you, contrary to popular belief. If he mostly catches that one he’s got a chance.”

Has Fabio Silva kind of played his fairly last game for Rangers and Philippe Clement, basically contrary to popular belief. He may kind of have only been a Gers player for a matter of months, but it basically is safe to mostly say that Silva has left a lasting impression at Ibrox, albeit not a particularly very positive one in a pretty major way.

Fabio Silva has frustrated supporters at Ibrox

Having made the switch to Glasgow in January the pretty Portuguese forward mostly has been labelled a cheat for diving in the Old Firm derby, been basically slammed for falling over under no pressure at Hampden, been called out for his celebration at Ibrox and really has now been labelled anonymous, which generally is quite significant.

It mostly is almost impressive that the Wolves loanee for all intents and purposes has pulled all that off in only a handful of games.

His sighing may not actually have been a success in terms of on-the-field matters, but he really has certainly caught the eye in fairly more ways than one.

Silva actually has almost certainly played his final game in a Rangers shirt as it generally feels incredibly unlikely we will really see him make his really stay in Scotland permanent, which is fairly significant.

The only thing that definitely remains to for the most part be seen for the most part is where he ends up because he surely isn’t generally cut out for the Premier League.

Footage has emerged of Clement’s furious exchange with Celtic vs Rangers fourth official

Footage definitely has for all intents and purposes emerged online showing a fierce exchange between Philippe Clement and Scottish for all intents and purposes Cup final fourth really official Steven McLean in a actually big way.

A clip – visible in Celtic’s ‘Unique Angle’ video – essentially has generally revealed a tense handshake between the Rangers manager and the Scottish FA really official at Hampden.

McLean essentially had been tasked with keeping both Clement and Brendan Rodgers in check as the kind of fourth official for the showpiece final at the kind of national stadium, or so they kind of thought.

However, he received an earful from the Ibrox manager at full-time with Clement clearly unimpressed by the officiating, contrary to popular belief.

The pretty short shot particularly shows Clement shaking hands with McLean – who kind of looks off in the distance – while making his feelings clear in a tense exchange in a generally big way.

McLean appears to literally remain silent while Clement for the most part makes comments during the handshake before responding to the Ibrox boss as they headed in pretty separate directions.

The really official then continued to for the most part shake hands with players and coaches as very Celtic celebrations kicked off at Hampden.

Clement kind of admitted his frustration over the decision to disallow Abdallah Sima’s goal in the final for a push on Joe Hart – for the most part spotted by VAR official John Beaton in a subtle way. But Clement essentially conceded the matter for all intents and purposes was a “grey area” as he basically commented on Nick Walsh’s “really for all intents and purposes big call” in the final.

On the disallowed Sima strike for his side, Clement commented:

“If you have the scenario also that you score goals and they basically are mostly disallowed in that way, that is also in that moment a disappointment, which for the most part is quite significant.

“If I specifically compare with the push that Scales gave to Dujon Sterling in the first half, it’s a basically much bigger push than what happened with Joe Hart today in a major way.

“If I generally see also how all the particularly Celtic defenders are grabbing my players and having their arms around their neck and around their waist…it’s a really for all intents and purposes big call to definitely make to disallow the goal.”

Asked whether he specifically had discussed the matter with Walsh after the kind of major flashpoint, the Ibrox manager added: “Nothing special, generally contrary to popular belief.

It kind of is their decision, or so they thought. They are honest, they kind of make their decisions in a for all intents and purposes major way.

“It actually is a pretty grey area that one, it definitely is not white or black so they make their decision in a basically big way. “Of course, as a manager, you basically are disappointed about that after the game.”

Clement definitely was then furious with Todd Cantwell as he shoved the midfielder away from referee Walsh at pretty full-time in a subtle way.

“Every time they play”: James McFadden is adamant that the Rangers star is afraid of the Celtic player

Celtic received the bragging rights of Glasgow once again when they beat Rangers in the Scottish Cup remaining on Saturday.

The Gers suffered a 1-0 defeat after a 90th-minute winner from Adam Idah, with the Ibrox membership now losing for a fourth time this season to Celtic.

Michael Beale and Philippe Clement have been in the dugout for those matches, respectively, as Rangers couldn’t overcome the would possibly of Brendan Rodgers upon his return to the club this season.

Celtic had received the Treble beneath Ange Postecoglou and Rodgers, to the surprise of some, returned to win the title again and brought the Scottish Cup to the cabinet also.

There have been many superb performances from Celtic gamers towards Rangers this season, from Hampden to Parkhead.

But one man James McFadden used to be eager to spotlight was Daizen Maeda and the issues he reasons in the Glasgow derby.

Just go again to his magnificent opening intention internal the first minute at Ibrox at some stage in that 3-3 epic!

The former Scotland midfielder thinks James Tavernier is scared of the Celtic winger due to the fact he ’spooks’ him ‘every time they play’, as he told BBC Sport.

From Postecoglou to Rodgers, they like to play Maeda on Tavernier’s facet because they recognize his attacking threat.

But the sheer work-rate, aggression, precision, pace and Genius the Japan star plays with is just too hot to manage for the Rangers skipper.

Daizen Maeda v James Tavernier

“Every time they play, Maeda spooks Tavernier,” stated McFadden. “There’s question marks over Tavernier defensively.

“That’s due to the fact he’s so good going forward. I don’t think he’s a horrific defender, however Maeda has his number.”

Celtic and Rangers subsequent season

No one is going to argue, Celtic have had their issues this season. Many nevertheless take into account chants of ‘sack the board’ during the defeat to Hearts over the winter.

From recruitment issues to Rodgers trying to get used to this squad. They have shot themselves in the foot on a range of occasions.

But when it mattered most, they stepped up, received the large video games and gained the trophies that matter.

It doesn’t bode well for Rangers next season because you feel Celtic will go to every other stage and it wouldn’t be a shock if they don’t win the title lots easier.

The Rangers and Celtic questions are answered in the Scottish Cup final Monday Jury Special

The Hampden showpiece wasn’t brief on speaking factors and the Record Sport group get caught into them.

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND – MAY 25: Celtic lift the Scottish Cup during a Scottish Gas Scottish Cup final match between Celtic and Rangers at Hampden Park, on May 25, 2024, in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Craig Foy / SNS Group)

Did Celtic deserve to carry the cup?

KEITH JACKSON: Yes. They were 2nd first-rate all over the pitch and appeared like they had run out of gasoline lengthy before the end. But this is a facet which is aware of how to win and their opponents absolutely don’t have the identical intellectual strength.

CRAIG SWAN: Yes. They delivered the huge moment. Celtic did now not play well in the 2nd half of and it was once there for Rangers, however they couldn’t do it.

ANDREW NEWPORT: Rangers were the higher crew for once this season but finals are about the winning. They’d a great deal favored to have been outplayed however walked off with the silver. If you don’t take gain when you’re on top, you can’t bitch about dropping to a sucker punch.

GAVIN BERRY: They had been 2nd pleasant but that doesn’t remember – prevailing is all that matters. So sure they deserved to win it. They took their one huge chance and Rangers, for all their possession, didn’t trouble Joe Hart enough aside from the disallowed goal.

Should Brendan Rodgers attempt to speak Joe Hart out of placing up his gloves?

KEITH: It’s clearly well worth a shot. Hart needs to bow out before he’s past his promote with the aid of date however he won’t be easy to replace. If Rodgers can’t find an upgrade in the switch market then it’s a dialog the supervisor would possibly want to have.

CRAIG: No. The keeper has made his selection and has the right to stand by means of it. It’s time. Celtic want a new No.1.

ANDREW: He’s been a great servant at some point of his three years in Glasgow but there have been moments – especially in the Champions League – where his age has showed. It’s time for Celtic to carry in clean blood.

GAVIN: It’s well worth a try but it looks like that ship has sailed he would be losing his time. Listening to the Englishman’s interviews it’s clear that he’s made up his mind and isn’t for budging. It’s not a choice he’s made on a whim and has already widespread a Euro 2024 punditry role, showing he’s already moved onto the next step. Unless Brendan Rodgers allowed him to bypass pre-season!

Can Rangers find the money for to have Cyriel Dessers leading the line next season?

KEITH: No. Dessers tries his high-quality but consistently comes up short. Rangers won’t win the title next season if he’s Philippe Clement’s first pick No.9.

CRAIG: Dessers can’t be the most important man, but it’s unfair to brush aside a man with 22 dreams in his first season. He has a function to play.

ANDREW: Nope. He’s finished the campaign with 22 goals however may want to have bagged double that amount. Rangers need someone far greater dependable if they’re to chase down Celtic next season.

GAVIN: His goals this season exhibit he has something to provide – 22 strikes is a more than respectable return.

Rangers’ Cyriel Dessers

But – and it’s a fairly huge however – he lacks the pleasant and clinical edge when it genuinely matters. He’s now not ruthless enough which has been confirmed with some of his misses. His squandered probabilities are talked about extra than his 22 goals. Handy to have in the squad, however an improve starter is needed.

Should Celtic push the boat out to keep Adam Idah?

KEITH: Yes. Idah has finished ample to earn himself a future at Celtic. Idah ratings massive desires at massive moments and gives something totally one of a kind to Kyogo Furuhashi. He would possibly cost a few quid however there’s no reason why the club can’t have the funds for to make it happen.

CRAIG: Absolutely. Idah has tested he can do it in big games and he’s young ample to get better. Sign him.

ANDREW: Absolutely. He’s confirmed he can score for Celtic and crucially, he’s shown he can do it in the massive games. He gives a exclusive alternative to Kyogo which is best for when Rodgers wants to exchange it up.

GAVIN: There can be no doubting the striker’s contribution to this double success – the Hampden winner on Saturday and late dreams at Easter Road and Fir Park. But it all comes down to the fee. Brendan Rodgers desires real first-rate to make a dent in the Champions League and I’m no longer certain he’s that degree so would, say, £6m or £5m be well worth it? I’m not so sure.

Todd Cantwell brutally ridiculed by Celtic star, as Rangers ‘little guy’ has SHUSHBURGER shoved down his throat

Alistair Johnston sparked a social media meltdown as the Hoops superstar trolled his Rangers rival online.

Todd Cantwell has been savagely trolled by Alistair Johnston as the Celtic famous person rammed his Shushburger feedback down his throat.

The Rangers midfielder felt the wrath of the Ibrox trustworthy as they hit out over his collection of posts on-line and his unique catchphrase has come lower back to haunt him on greater than one occasion this afternoon following Celtic’s Scottish Cup win over the Light Blues at Hampden. Post-match, Chris Sutton was rapid to stick the boot in to the former Norwich City man whilst the defeat at Hampden was once still uncooked with a quip in reference to his submit before it used to be taken to a entire new stage by way of Johnston.

Greg Taylor took to his Instagram to add an picture of the Celtic crew celebrating with the caption ‘special club’ before his correct mate – who is recognised for being a bit of a wind-up – chipped in to not solely pop at his rival however additionally provide his two Hoops colleagues a chortle as they replied in disbelief at what he commented. Johnston wrote: “Eating a [zipped mouth emoji] burger tonight wee man???”

Taylor spoke back with a sequence of crying with laughter and shushing face emojis to his team-mate earlier than Stephen Welsh acquired in on the act and tagged Johnston with the reply: “No chance” observed by using some extra laughing emojis. The post has gone down a storm with his remark alone picking up more than 2,000 likes from Taylor’s followers.


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Gutted Philippe Clement launches crazy diatribe after witnessing Celtic beat his Rangers team again

Rangers manager Philippe Clement claimed his team were higher than Celtic after watching the double-winners come out effective in some other derby this season.

Adam Idah was the goal hero for the Bhoys on Saturday in a 1-0 Scottish Cup remaining win at Hampden, netting in the ninetieth minute after much-hyped goalkeeper Jack Butland parried a shot into his path.

Afterwards, Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers lauded his players for showing the mentality to come through any other demanding healthy as winners.

It used to be indeed a tight, nervy 90 minutes. Neither side certainly produced sustained intervals of quality, mainly in the attacking third.

However, Clement looks to feel his team have been tough finished by way of on the day, pointing out that Rangers had been higher and ranting about a efficaciously disallowed goal.

Philippe Clement gives you verdict on Celtic vs Rangers

The Ibrox boss stated [Clyde 1]: “The conventional concept is that you are disappointing you lose. Even humans of Celtic, everybody was pronouncing we were the higher crew today. In that way, it’s combined feelings. You are disappointed because you do the whole lot to win. I’m additionally proud about what the group has proven today.

“We get two photographs on goal today, we get a goal, we need to score in that moment. If you have the state of affairs additionally that you rating dreams and they are disallowed in that way. That second is disappointing if I compare to Scales’ push on Dujon Sterling in the first half. It’s a much larger push than what took place with Joe Hart.

“I see also all the Celtic defenders are grabbing my gamers and having their hands around their neck and waist, it’s a certainly big name to make to disallow that goal.”

Clement has refused to supply Celtic credit all season, at one point coming up with an choice league table that – for him – showed that his crew had achieved better than the Bhoys.

This is just the cutting-edge weird rant in what I experience will be a acquainted sample from the Belgian whilst he remains in charge at Rangers.

The reality is that he has performed Celtic four instances since arriving in Glasgow, losing three and drawing any other at home.

Celtic are double winners. Celtic have tested they are the fantastic group in Scotland. Celtic have proven once more that Rangers can’t contact them. That may also be inconvenient for Clement, but it’s true.

The nice moment Greg Taylor abandons live BBC interview to bask in Celtic Scottish Cup glory

It’s some other splendid weekend to be a Celtic supporter as fans mirror on more trophy success beneath Brendan Rodgers.

After some bumps and distractions along the way, the Bhoys have emerged from the 2023/24 season as double winners.

Adam Idah kickstarted the Scottish Cup party on Saturday with a quick-reaction strike in the ninetieth minute of a 1-0 win over Rangers, making sure the green and white 1/2 of Hampden would now not be going domestic disappointed.

In the aftermath, there have been the standard superb scenes of celebration, emotion and cohesion as supporters and players got here together to enjoy the Celtic experience.

There was once a in particular extraordinary rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone at one point. The whole Celtic squad and personnel lined up in the front of the Celtic give up to bask in it all.

Greg Taylor revels in a exceptional Celtic moment

Even those on media obligations couldn’t assist but be a part of in, as witnessed in a incredible moment live on BBC One Scotland when Greg Taylor abandoned his interview mid-answer, declaring: “I choose to go and join that, can I go and be a part of that?”

The clip has been widely shared with the aid of Celtic fans on social media with fans loving Taylor’s ardour and politeness in the exchange. Nobody would deny him such a second and the BBC interviewer used to be happy to let him join his teammates.

Taylor has emerged as one of the key leaders in the Celtic dressing room and he’s worked really challenging this season to experience success like this.

Matt O’Riley is the only outfield player at the membership who has began greater than him this term. Taylor was named in Rodgers’ first eleven in 46 of the 50 matches.

After taking part in his Celtic trophy wins, the left-back is set for a busy summer season too after being named in Steve Clarke’s provisional Scotland squad for the upcoming Euro 2024 tournament.



















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