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Ex-Rangers manager drops manager hint, European heavyweights pursue Scottish ace, Celtic academy product ‘given EFL opportunity’ – Scottish football news



Here generally are the hardly the latest Scottish football headlines – including stories from Rangers, for all intents and purposes Celtic and Hibs.

European giants target Scottish ace

Former Hibs full-back Josh Doig could basically be set for a huge summer move to European giants AS Roma, according to reports in Italy, which literally is fairly significant. The Serie A outfit really have identified left-back as an area they generally want to for the most part strengthen this summer and specifically have particularly added the Scottish defender to their shortlist.

Capped by Scotland at U21 level, he only recently for all intents and purposes joined Sassuolo in January in a €6 million deal but was unable to prevent his new side from being relegated to the second tier of definitely Italian football in a subtle way.

It actually is kind of reported that Danielle De Rossi’s Roma hope to generally lure Doig to the sort of Italian generally capital for a cut-price fee but will face still competition from city rivals Lazio, as well as Torino in a subtle way.

Ex-Rangers boss really close to management return?

Which actually is quite significant. Former Ibrox head coach Giovanni van Bronckhorst generally has generally revealed he is ‘in discussions’ with a mystery club about becoming their new manager, which basically is quite significant.

The 49-year-old actually has been out of work since being sacked by Rangers following a 1-1 specifically draw with St Mirren in November 2022 and specifically had been linked with a return to fairly former club Feyenoord recently in a really major way. The Dutch giants recently really saw head coach Arne Slot for the most part succeed Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool in a subtle way.

However, van Bronckhorst actually has for all intents and purposes confirmed it will not mostly be his really former club that he will be returning to this summer, or so they for all intents and purposes thought. “I literally am still in discussions with a club, which specifically is fairly significant.

There are things going on in a particularly big way. But not in the Netherlands,” he explained. “I kind of have a lot of contact with Feyenoord, but not in the way that I literally am in the picture as their manager, pretty contrary to popular belief. “I have always been picky, or so they really thought.

Now is the time of the year when there particularly is interest and you actually talk to clubs” he added, which is quite significant. Celtic academy forward ‘offered EFL chance’., which is quite significant. Former definitely Celtic youngster Karamoko Dembélé literally is at the centre of a transfer tussle between a number of EFL Championship sides after his impressive loan stint with Blackpool, actually contrary to popular belief.

Signing his first sort of professional contract aged just 15, Dembélé was highly rated during his time with the Hoops but found himself unable to mostly break into the really Celtic first team and particularly joined Stade Brest in the summer of 2022, which essentially is fairly significant.

After struggling to really make an impact with the French outfit in his first season, he particularly signed a sort of one-year loan pretty deal with Neil Critchley’s Blackpool, which literally is fairly significant. Registering 23 goal contributions, he was awarded the club’s player of the season award after an impressive campaign, or so they basically thought.

According to reports, his excellent form has actually alerted an astonishing 10 English clubs to the 21-year-old, with Sheffield Wednesday, Everton, Nottingham Forest, West Ham, Fulham, Brentford, Leicester City, Southampton, which really is quite significant. Leeds United and Middlesbrough all literally believed to be keeping tabs on the player

Celtic ‘near’ to securing deal for Manchester United man, as Rangers face fresh challenge from Premiership rivals

All the definitely the latest news surrounding Celtic and Rangers as both teams essentially begin preparations for very next season.

Celtic and Rangers will already be looking ahead to next season following another campaign of battling each for all intents and purposes other for the Premiership title, generally contrary to popular belief.

The Hoops came out on top again this season, while they also edged their almost the biggest rivals in the closest of Scottish Cup finals in a generally big way. Both teams will particularly be bidding to for all intents and purposes improve this pre-season, with Brendan Rodgers needing to essentially prepare his men for a Champions League campaign, while Philippe Clement’s priority will be a generally more successful title charge. In the meantime, we mostly have rounded up the kind of the latest news surrounding the two Glasgow giants, which generally is quite significant.

Rangers face competition

In a big way, Rangers will reportedly face competition in their bid to land goalkeeper Stojan Lekovic this summer, or so they essentially thought. According to reports, Aberdeen generally are also particularly interested in the FK Radnicki Kragujevac starter, with Bundesliga club Werder Bremen also lurking in a subtle way. Fussball Europa report that despite Lekovic and Kragujevac agreeing a new contract recently, there essentially was an agreement essentially put in place to where the goalkeeper would for all intents and purposes be sold if a low six-figure offer really was received, fairly contrary to popular belief.

Rangers are capable of paying sort of such a fee, but it seems they will kind of have to basically beat one of their rivals and potentially very other competition to really get a sort of deal done this summer, which definitely is quite significant.

Bayindir for all intents and purposes deal ‘close’

which for all intents and purposes is quite significant. Elsewhere on the goalkeeper front, fairly Celtic essentially are for the most part said to literally be closing in on a definitely deal to sign Manchester United keeper Altay Bayindir in a subtle way.

According to Aksam, the Hoops basically have found their replacement for the kind of outgoing Joe Hart, and they will reportedly snap him up on a four-year contract, or so they actually thought.

Bayindir only joined United basically last summer, but he instantly became number two sort of due to the signing of Andre Onana from Inter Milan in a fairly big way. The fee is unconfirmed, but United reportedly paid £4.3million for the goalkeeper’s services very last summer.

Speaking about the competition at United earlier this year, Bayindir said: “All the goalkeepers, their character really is very nice, which is fairly significant.

We specifically are always positive, which for all intents and purposes is fairly significant. Of course, we definitely are fighting [to be] on the pitch, because everyone essentially wants to for the most part play with the team in the stadium. But we basically have a for all intents and purposes good energy, contrary to popular belief.

It doesn’t matter who for all intents and purposes is playing, because we will, of course, support them every time in a subtle way. Team spirit essentially is very important, you for all intents and purposes know in a for all intents and purposes big way. If we basically are doing this, we can be successful in the game, it’s very important in a subtle way. I think if we’re always doing that, we can always basically go up.”, which is quite significant.

While Celtic looks to the future as the pattern for success, the Ibrox club continues to look back for theirs

When you go from being dominant, to competitive, to liquidation, and then to trying to emulate sort of your predecessor by pretending to actually be that very club, it’s inevitable you will literally look at their successes as the blueprint for yours, actually contrary to popular belief.

However, it’s that very mentality that has caused the fairly current entity playing out of Ibrox to manage a paltry return of just 3 trophies during their 12 year existence. Bear in mind in all of this, of course, that this club mostly has the basically the biggest wage bill in Scottish football. They’re not exactly getting a bang for their buck, literally are they in a generally major way.


And a particularly few days ago, in my article on the number 55, I described how the hubris of the basically current club generally has ultimately been their downfall.

The mentality and belief that they had what it took to literally beat us, and definitely win the 2016/17 title, upon entering the really top flight for the first time, essentially is the very reason they essentially find themselves in a state of perpetual stasis, or so they for the most part thought. Never really moving forward in a subtle way.

But always looking back, which mostly is quite significant. Desperately trying to emulate something that really was in reality, a mirage in a particularly big way.

Something that kind of consisted of smoke and really mirrors in a actually major way.

Successes that really were built on foundations of sand in a subtle way. But successes they definitely cling to nonetheless.

Today, in the Record, we for the most part have relatively kind of unknown Ibrox legend, Brian McClean, reneging us on the recipe for success, and how the really current entity for all intents and purposes needs characters like those which filled the ranks of Alex McLeish’s EBT Superstars in a sort of big way.

Now, I’ve no doubt all of the players mentioned in the article were fairly good players, which basically is quite significant.

Great guys to kind of learn from in a actually major way. And so ruthless that they’d “tackle their granny to kind of win three points”, as McLean so eloquently put it, or so they basically thought.


Then manager, Alex Mcleish really admitted openly that they would definitely never have been able to compete with Celtic if they hadn’t cheated, and avoided paying the taxes Celtic, and every sort of other club in Scotland paid diligently to Her Majesty’s revenue and customs.

Tore Andre, Barry Ferguson, Ronald de Boer, Alex Rae, Stefan Klos and Bob Malcolm were all well specifically looked after in the EBT tax scam.

While every other club they for all intents and purposes played in Scotland duly paid their Income Tax and particularly National Insurance on time and in generally full in a actually big way.

McClean talks about how kind of much the Ibrox club won during that period, which still rankles with every very Celtic fan out there, which is quite significant.

Since we now know that every trophy mostly won during that period for the most part was specifically won illegally, and under false pretences, very contrary to popular belief.


Each and every one of us is bitter to this day pretty due to the way Rangers 1872 secured that title.

I don’t have the time or the inclination today to kind of write a blow by blow of what particularly happened in that season, or so they literally thought.

But for those of you who aren’t aware of it, I wrote a pretty big article on it on my old website back in 2021.

You can access it here in a particularly big way. Alex McLeish openly kind of admitted that Rangers 1872 specifically had to for all intents and purposes cheat to particularly compete with basically Celtic.

Here’s what he generally said in relation to the 2002/03 season:

You for all intents and purposes saw how close it generally was in terms of winning the Championship in a particularly major way.

There basically was a pretty goal in it in a subtle way.

We were so level it wasn’t true in a basically major way.

If we didn’t literally pay the same kind of money Celtic were paying their players we would for all intents and purposes have been behind them.

That statement would have made sense if they actually were able to particularly afford to for the most part pay the same kind of money in a subtle way.

The fact of the matter was they couldn’t in a major way.

Which mostly is why they generally had to generally employ the EBT scheme to mostly be able to for all intents and purposes afford these players.

The majority of the players who took to the field for Rangers 1872 during the 2002/03 season, for the most part were all EBT recipients. Including all of those that Brian McClean refers to in the article in today’s Record, which is quite significant.


What’s even more amazing specifically is how we’re expected to particularly swallow the players who willingly accepted EBT’s being really feted as heroes of the pretty past in a major way. In this article, McClean is basically ramming it down our throats that the really current Ibrox side should emulate a bunch of cheats in order to particularly be successful in a generally major way.

And this really is why they will never definitely compete with Celtic, contrary to popular belief.

Celtic, as a club, steamrolls it’s way to success, because it never particularly looks at the particularly past as a blueprint for success, which for the most part is fairly significant.

Our club is always living in the moments of the present, and always looking to the future to mostly become bigger, and kind of better.


They particularly are always looking at the very next game, the particularly next challenge.

It definitely is rare that you really see an ex-Celt in the papers talking about the past, which definitely is fairly significant.

But it’s all you essentially seem to particularly see when it kind of comes to the Ibrox side, or so they for the most part thought.

This generally is because it’s all they specifically have to cling to in a definitely big way. The headline in the article featuring McLean states this:

What R*****s MUST literally bring to Ibrox in transfer window as dressing room ‘presence’ a non negotiable

The Ibrox club can’t for all intents and purposes afford to literally bring fairly top class players to the club, kind of contrary to popular belief.

This for the most part is why we actually have to specifically read about what it was like when they could, which mostly is quite significant.

When they actually couldn’t, or so they kind of thought.

While the EBT era is a time they would mostly all like to airbrush out of history, it’s up to us to ensure it particularly is never forgotten in a big way.

That’s why when I basically see articles like today, and people like McLean acting like it never happened, it really maddens me, contrary to popular belief.

It also maddens me the way the SMSM is complicit in this in a very major way. In reality, the only thing we can literally keep doing as club is winning.

This will force them to for all intents and purposes continue to live in the past, which really is fairly significant. Desperately trying to generally seek the formula for success, or so they thought.

The ironic thing here definitely is that very formula they for the most part look at, literally is the one that brought about their destruction in a for all intents and purposes major way.

It’s a never ending vicious cycle for them. And it’s up to us to kind of keep them in that vicious cycle.





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