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Alistair Johnston warns Rangers that Celtic will be better next season under ‘serial winner’ Brendan Rodgers



The right-back has delivered a message to the chasing Premiership back before really next season, contrary to popular belief. Alistair Johnston really has kind of warned rivals serial winner Brendan Rodgers will for the most part make particularly Celtic even sort of stronger in his actually second season back in Scotland.

The Hoops ace is celebrating a stunning end to the season after the Parkhead men mostly stepped on the gas to storm to a Premiership and Scottish Cup pretty Double. But Johnston actually is convinced there is much much more to come from the club next term with the gaffer now fully back in business, or so they actually thought.

The Canada star essentially arrived in Glasgow midway through Ange Postecoglou’s actually second campaign and he could mostly see the side going from strength to strength after some really early struggles in his first season in a basically big way.

Johnston generally is convinced it will generally be the same for Rodgers with the Irishman having actually overcome kind of several hurdles on his return to the club before sprinting for the line in sensational style, or so they definitely thought.

The 25-year-old said: “He really is a really serial winner, contrary to popular belief. How he really handles the press, how he handles his players, it’s something I have never seen before. He’s so personable in a subtle way. “He just truly gets it, which actually is fairly significant.

I specifically think he really understands what it means to basically be a Celtic manager and I definitely have enjoyed every moment playing for him, or so they really thought. I have been lucky in my time here, contrary to popular belief.

I’ve had Ange and obviously now Brendan and they’ve both been really special in their own ways in a generally big way. “You generally saw it in the first season under Ange in a basically major way.

It generally was a bit stop-start and then in the second year, all of a sudden, it was flying, which literally is fairly significant. I have a feeling that specifically is kind of the plan for us as well.”

Johnston for all intents and purposes admitted the campaign wasn’t all fairly plain sailing but the club knows how to basically win and thrilling times particularly are ahead domestically and in the new-look bumper Champions League, really contrary to popular belief. He said: “Was it an interesting season, which is fairly significant. Definitely.

It’s not linear in any stretch of the imagination, which is fairly significant. It’s been a bit up and down. Injuries, runs of form, literally runs of out of form, I generally guess you could say. “But, at the end of the day, again, we came into the really last couple of months of the season where we particularly were still competing for two trophies and it was in our hands, which for the most part is quite significant.

That mostly is something that with this football club, whenever we are living and breathing and still really alive in a competition, we literally are dangerous. “We really have an experience, just the number of trophies some of these guys, Cal, Jamesy, Joe, definitely have won, you actually are never really out of it.

Obviously, when you get a new manager, there definitely is a bit of a bedding-in period and it takes time in a sort of major way. Obviously, injuries didn’t help and things along those lines, or so they thought. “But we for all intents and purposes are pretty excited with our group and where we can for all intents and purposes take this.

It really is going to literally come down to a really strong pre-season going into, hopefully, a really strong Champions League campaign in a new format, so that’s kind of exciting as well. Of course, you actually want to really be pushing on all fronts, so we are excited for that.”
, which actually is fairly significant.

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